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Summer Special: Testimonial

The response to my Summer Special has been wonderful thus far!  If you don’t believe me, have a look at this:

“PERFECT!  Everything looks great!  I really appreciate all you’ve done to improve my resume.  I am very excited to have one that is well put together and professional.  The design adds just enough accent (nice and simple) just as I like things, so I am very pleased with it.  I also want to thank you for going above and beyond in helping me to understand what exactly is necessary in a resume.  That is life-long learning for me and I really appreciate you for that!  You have definitely earned my business for all future needs.  Thank you so much.  -  Kim”

Thanks, Kim!  You were great to work with, too!  Hope to see you back in the future for some business cards, letterheads, and personal design work.  Best of luck!


Announcement: Summer Special

For the summer, I will be promoting a resume and CV consultation service!

Whether you’re a new grad starting from scratch or just in need of some revamping, I would love to give your resume a once-over and offer some tips on how to perk it up.

I would also recommend, in today’s saturated market, that you seriously consider investing in some custom graphics to accompany your outstanding credentials.  This could be a nice letterhead, some business cards to go with it, or a simple personal logo to appear somewhere on your resume.  It helps you express yourself a bit and stand out from the rest.

These are not free services, but they are quite affordable!  And prices will vary depending on how much work you want done.  Be assured that I am committed to a fair price and the success of the end result.

Scout’s honour!
..except I was never a scout


Crunch Time

Happy New Year to all!  Thank God 2009 is over and we can begin anew.

I spent the last bit of 2009 taking stock of my life and my accomplishments and realized that the entire year was pretty much wasted for me.  I didn’t get that fabulous job I had worked so hard for.  I couldn’t get an internship because I had been out of school for so long.  I barely wrote anything.  I barely painted or designed anything of value.  I didn’t make much money.  I didn’t get to spend ample time with family and friends.  Friendships actually dissolved along the way.  I didn’t do anything worthwhile!

Although I did get some experience in journalism by working at a newspaper over the summer, I spent the bulk of the year working a retail job for which I was totally overqualified and underpaid.  It caused me much anxiety, it screwed up my sleeping habits, I had no chance of moving up or learning new skills, no matter how many internal positions I expressed interest in, and I was treated like dirt by the general public for eight hours a day, five days a week.  It would take its toll on anyone.

So with the new year coming, I made the difficult decision to quit that job and return to graduate school!  Yes, it will cut our monthly income.  Yes, I realize we’re in a recession (no matter how many times the government tells us it’s over – it isn’t).  And no, I won’t feel guilty about it.  I refuse to let the guilt seep into this one!  I have worked too long and too hard on my education to give up before I have exhausted every path.

This new degree, an MA in professional writing, will open up new doors and expand my possibilities in the literary world while still cultivating my visual skills.  I intend to take an internship, which will hopefully lead to employment somewhere besides Houston; preferably Austin or New York.  I couldn’t be ready, more excited, or more focused.

Look out.


Round 1

Hey, Kids!  This is the dawning of a new age…an age of Aquarius, as I am one.

Seriously, though, I’m more than just another pretty face (as you can see on the Bio page); I have feelings, too!  And I intend to share them here with you, like it or not. So, to get down to business:

I’m tired of not having fun while working.  I’m tired of never feeling accomplished.  How do I fix this?  How?  By getting down to serious business with my own business!  Too often I’ve relied on others, waited on others, and nothing ever gets done because we’re never in the same place in life.  So it’s back to square one!  Who else can I rely on if not myself?

To some, I may seem flaky or indecisive because I have many interests.  Even you may have gotten this impression from the many services I offer through my website here.  It is not this way, though.  Rest assured that when I have a project, it gets all of me.  I am completely and totally devoted to making it all it can be, as I am a perfectionist and take great pride in my work.

I simply have too many interests, too many talents to be contained to just one field!  I have one Associates in Art, and I have one Bachelors in Applied Design & Visual Art.  Where does this lead me?  Well, I concentrated on graphic design, which I absolutely love, but I have quite an interest in advertising, and have toyed with the thought of pursuing a graduate degree in Advertising.  Do I want to get that specialized, though?  Will that help or hurt me?  And do I want to invest that much time and money in one thing when I have all of these interests that I feel equally enthusiastic about and capable doing?

I’ve always wanted to have my own business.  I think I have a knack for it, and the types of services I have to offer you guys lends well to this format.  I don’t need a fancy office somewhere, or a desk to drool behind for eight hours a day.  I should be out there experiencing my life, and you should, too!

Go forth!