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Summer Special: Testimonial

The response to my Summer Special has been wonderful thus far!  If you don’t believe me, have a look at this:

“PERFECT!  Everything looks great!  I really appreciate all you’ve done to improve my resume.  I am very excited to have one that is well put together and professional.  The design adds just enough accent (nice and simple) just as I like things, so I am very pleased with it.  I also want to thank you for going above and beyond in helping me to understand what exactly is necessary in a resume.  That is life-long learning for me and I really appreciate you for that!  You have definitely earned my business for all future needs.  Thank you so much.  -  Kim”

Thanks, Kim!  You were great to work with, too!  Hope to see you back in the future for some business cards, letterheads, and personal design work.  Best of luck!


Announcement: Summer Special

For the summer, I will be promoting a resume and CV consultation service!

Whether you’re a new grad starting from scratch or just in need of some revamping, I would love to give your resume a once-over and offer some tips on how to perk it up.

I would also recommend, in today’s saturated market, that you seriously consider investing in some custom graphics to accompany your outstanding credentials.  This could be a nice letterhead, some business cards to go with it, or a simple personal logo to appear somewhere on your resume.  It helps you express yourself a bit and stand out from the rest.

These are not free services, but they are quite affordable!  And prices will vary depending on how much work you want done.  Be assured that I am committed to a fair price and the success of the end result.

Scout’s honour!
..except I was never a scout